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mr.exodia 02-16-2014 23:12

[LIBRARY] XEDParse (x32 + x64)
Hello everyone,

A few days ago, I found this topic on EXETools about the XED2 library: http://forum.exetools.com/showthread.php?p=89195

Since I need a library to assemble from a string for x64_dbg, I decided to write a small MASM parser for this library. Turns out it works quite well and I can release the first test build.

Actually it cannot do much, but the parsing is done and you can encode the following instruction types:
  • nop (or any instruction without operands)
  • push rax (any instruction with one register operand)
  • mov eax,ebx (any instruction with two register operands)
  • rep stosb (prefixes are supported)
Anyone willing to assist me with this library? I have the support of ferrit.rce, but he hasn't responded the last two days.
You can find everything (source+test binaries) here:
Mr. eXoDia

mr.exodia 02-21-2014 08:51

Very small update, but now XEDParse is getting useful :)

- added mnemonic translation (fix obvious 'errors')
- added value operand type



Mr. eXoDia

PS I hope to finish the base instruction set really soon

mr.exodia 02-21-2014 10:32

Another update (sorry, could not edit the previous post):

- fixed a bug in the parser with [reg+reg+displ]
- added memory operands (not tested)



Mr. eXoDia

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