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chants 09-02-2018 21:51

Windows Update Blocker v1.1
Is needed, considering that build 1809 is around the corner for October release while many are on 1803 by now and that the past solutions are currently rather lousy mostly targeting at best up to 1709. Here is a solution that works for any Windows version from XP to 10 v1803. The latest 1803 build requires special additions as documented below.


Specifically recommended to add to the ini configuration file for 1803 (amazing how many involved services there are nowadays):

; 2=Auto
; 3=Manual
; 4=Disabled
Service name: “DoSvc”
Display name: “Delivery Optimization”
Service name: “WaaSMedicSvc”
Display name: “Windows Update Medic Service”
Service name: “UsoSvc”
Display name: “Update Orchestrator Service”
Service name: “wuauserv”
Display name: “Windows Update”
Service name: “osrss”
Display name: “Windows 10 Update Facilitation Service”
Service name: “BITS
Display name: “Background Intelligent Transfer Service”
Release page here:


Megin 09-07-2018 08:37

This does not work with the latest updates and generates Update Error 8024a112 when used on my PC after a few days. Just a warning to others to use it at their own risk.

Updates are a part and parcel of Windows 10 (and OS for that matter) and it is a very bad idea to disable them in the first place.

If you get this error, read this.
How to fix Windows 10 update error 8024a112

Update error 8024a112 can sometimes appear if Windows Update components aren’t working properly. To fix this issue, it’s advised that you reset update components.

Also read:
How to Stop Windows 10 Update Completely [Top Tips]:


g0em0n 11-11-2018 12:02

Will these measures change as the version of windows 10 changes?

Daemon 11-11-2018 22:49


Originally Posted by g0em0n (Post 115271)
Will these measures change as the version of windows 10 changes?

Just install the LTSB version (or the LTSC version as it's called now and you can wave a goodbye to all these woes.
Fact remains however that if you insist on sticking with the consumer versions of Win 10, they can just deliver a single patch to thwart all our effort to evade the updates. Since it is not a good idea to forgo the security updates, you hav eno other go but to be at the mercy of the M$ vendor who can send you the hidden tricks in any updates as per their will and wish.

In fact in some of the latest security updates on Win 10 they already incorporated measures to ensure that these "tricks" fail...

So just go for the LTSC version.

niculaita 11-12-2018 00:29


niculaita 11-12-2018 00:45

also this https://www.softpedia.com/get/PORTABLE-SOFTWARE/System/StopWinUpdates.shtml

DavidXanatos 12-12-2018 16:53

If you want to control your updates you can try my windows update manager tool: https://github.com/DavidXanatos/wumgr

chants 12-21-2018 19:26

Does it work on the latest 1809 fall update?

cybercoder 12-21-2018 21:40

Why would you not want to patch your computer against the latest vulnerabilities? Better to not do it so you are hack-able still them!!

chants 12-21-2018 21:53

Because Microsoft is beta-tested garbage with some updates. Did you see the fiasco that came about with this recent 1809 update? The quality control has become really poor especially on feature packages and service updates. Security updates almost everyone generally accepts.

aldente 12-22-2018 20:38


Well, bullshit like this is the reason why so many people want to avoid automatic updates.

YES, it is a good idea to instal security updates regularly, but Microsoft does not seperate security updates from feature updates. And to make things worse, feature updates are obviously not very well tested.
It's a shame what's going on with that company.

chants 12-23-2018 01:16

Especially as Microsoft tries to become a cloud centric company. Some actually suspect this was deliberately done to try to scare people onto OneDrive. In other words, a very technical issue effecting .01% of the user base which would make some flashy news articles which despite being negative would not make people change OS or the like, was a precalculated strategic business move.

They have promised to fix the broken update cycle but they keep changing it at rapid pace. Nevertheless, they are going to continue regardless as the 6 month major update reinforces the Windows as a service model. There is hardly anything that can be done. They will of course be figuring out how to make money out of Windows again shortly. The service payment system is already built into the OS and ready to deploy for corporate licenses. Only a matter of time until it comes to consumers.

niculaita 02-21-2019 02:01

C:\WINDOWS\system32>net start wuauserv
System error 1058 has occurred.

The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it. also error 0x800f0922 when trying to instal netframework 3.5

Preddy 06-05-2019 21:01

Blocking all updates isn't smart move. But you know idiots at MS considering everyone as idiot.. That's why they came up with stupidity mixed software.
Fiasco interface, stupid automated tasks.. Numerous problematic things.

For me proper way to do this is,
Set policies, block/disable/uninstall/force-remove - ms-telemetry/apps/built-in-apps and all other predefined/preinstalled MS crap.

And also thanks for David for his opensource tool.
But for obsessive people it does not come handy to disable updates and use such this tools.

Originally Posted by DavidXanatos (Post 115487)
If you want to control your updates you can try my windows update manager tool: https://github.com/DavidXanatos/wumgr

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