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evlncrn8 03-29-2009 00:17

protection id 6.2.3 released
grab it from the homesite (pid.gamecopyworld.com)

direct url : http://pid.gamecopyworld.com/ProtectionID_v6.2.3.rar

or use the update function in protection id itself...

many fixes, many tweaks... enjoy

killer 04-01-2009 14:36

many fixes?

I hope that dont hang more run on Win98 ;-)


evlncrn8 04-08-2009 00:13

nope, win98 should be ok this time ;)

although, 6.2.5 will be out soon, its probably best to upgrade to that one, because even 6.2.3 had some bugs (no known hang/crash ones though) :)

rumor 04-28-2009 00:49

Nice.. at least this one is even better.. but, seriously, why do you need win98 support? :P

Nacho_dj 04-28-2009 05:57


Originally Posted by rumor (Post 63358)
but, seriously, why do you need win98 support? :P

And why not?
For instance I still use that system, and I guess there are many other people using it. And of course, I try to develop all my tools compliant to that OS.

Think about people who cannot afford the update to a new machine, so there is no other way with and old one, since NT systems need much more resources than W9X systems...

So, I totally agree with win98 support... :D



arnix 04-30-2009 01:47


since NT systems need much more resources than W9X systems
Not that much I think :) For example, WinXP is running OK on my friend's 8-years old Laptop with 128MB RAM and 700MHz Celeron CPU, though he has tuned it a bit (by disabling unnecessary services) for comfortable working. Another example - Win2k system on athother Celeron with 64MB RAM working well as a gateway for >30 computers. I don't think there are much people who have computers with lower capabilities than the mentioned ones, besides that, the 9x systems are very insecure by their design, easy to get to ring-0 and mess all aroung, so not recommended for using nowadays.

evlncrn8 12-27-2009 02:54

version 6.3.5 is out - some bugfixes, better detection, some tweaks

some bugs have already been reported and are being worked on atm (next release should be in a week or so)..

available at the usual site - http://pid.gamecopyworld.com

changelog (part #1)

core additions / changes

- new: compiled using masm v10 compiler & linker
- new: added in new and optimized scanning routines
- new: protection id is now able to scan inside msi files
- new: clean temp tool (Extensions -> Clean Temp)
- new: added in our own fast internal zlib decompresion routines
- new: compiler detector updated to detect:
- more Visual C++
- appended flash files
- Power Basic
- Watcom C/C++
- MinGW

- update: reporting part on file type, now reports bitness & file subsystem
- update: added in recovery system - if a crash happens when scanning a file/cd/dvd and the crash is in the scanning thread,
the seh system will 'recover' the crash, skipping all other scan modules and simply clean things up.
So a crash when scanning does NOT take protection id down (the crash is reported to the log)
- update: windows error code resolver dialog got a face lift and some added functionality
- update: initial modification to report cpu usage on ALL available cores
- update: shortcuts are now not made if pid is run from a removable drive
- update: added in reporting for uac setting in vista or higher
- update: scan size threshold increased to 50mb
- update: added in the nfo association configuration
- update: compiler detection enabled by default now
- update: adjusted the way the systray worked
- double left click on the pid icon will cause the pid window to be shown / hidden
- right click on the pid icon will cause the right click systray context menu to appear