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hors 01-04-2020 13:36

x64dbg Plugin Manager

There are GUI version and console version.

Console example

x64plgmnrc.exe -G "C:\x64dbg_root" // Set root path for x64dbg
x64plgmnrc.exe -U // Update list from server
x64plgmnrc.exe -S // Show list of plugins
x64plgmnrc.exe -i x64core // Install last version of x64dbg
x64plgmnrc.exe -i AdvancedScript // install AdvancedScript

p4r4d0x 06-04-2020 20:55

Does Not install the last version of x64dbg !!

hors 08-27-2020 06:56

Version 0.04

[+] Fixed AV false detects
[+] GitHub API.
[+] Minor bugs fixed



Originally Posted by p4r4d0x (Post 120287)
Does Not install the last version of x64dbg !!

We are using the GitHub API now. So you could always install the lastest version of x64dbg.

hors 07-13-2021 04:47

Version 0.05

[+] Minor bugs fixed


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