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Of course, this thread again archived for posterity :
To Readers of this thread:

As a researcher, (and also since I did nto have the luxury of learning programming in college, but rather have to teach myself from the past year or so), I do study others' code and I maintain a notebook (digital) wherein I copy and keep interesting snippets of code from various repos online, that could be later modified and re-used later in my own code.

It is not always possible to even remember where I got that snippet from since in nearly all the cases it would be HEAVILY modified to suit the work at hand.

Since Mr Exodia decided to make such a huge fuss over this tool that I created within a few minutes to suit just a certain specific purpose, I went back and tried to see what he seemed to be unhappy about.


Apparently, he seems to be unhappy about the snippet that was used in my tool, to run a command in a CMD shell without actually showing the black CMD window to the user (for asethetics). As he said, what I used was quite inefficient.
But hey, users are going to run my tool for a maximum of 30 seconds, to enable and disable the Windows Update. So I did not care about efficency so much.

Secondly, as he said, and also as I mentioned in thread about the distro, Powershell had been removed from the distro and hence I needed to run the commands without using PS. SO obviously, all the other code was different. And since there is no PS in my distro, I could not use the existing tool.
That is all.

Therefore NO mystery and the tool was NOT created to "steal" credit from anyone, as Mr Exodia's posts seem to imply. I only needed to create the tool as I wanted something that would not need POWERSHELL to run !

I am STILL waiting to see if Mr Exodia would give his permission for me to contact PAYPAL so that JUST AS HE HAD made my chat public, I also can make HIS details public.

Just a quick note : PAYPAL would not only FREEZE the existing funds, but also would not do any business with anyone who PUBLICLY purports to have earned money (and is still) earning money by cracking commercial protectors and aps

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