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Originally Posted by atom0s View Post
Old versions work fine, they just added local server checks to prevent activation from the same machine. To work around it, just host the license server on another system and connect to it for the license.
This is not true for all their most recent products.
That is the reason why initially in Feb (2018) some groups attempted hosting these crack servers at various places in Russia etc (I think some of those links are still present in exetools in one of the threads, if I am right).

When those also stopped working, a few others started to create their own private activation cracks and shared it only privately. They still continue to work.

Please note :

The OLD cracks STILL will work, but will only do so for a very short time.
For some products, they will not work beyond the 30-days' TRIAL period.
For others they will stop working way before that.

I was using the OLD versions and never connected to the internet nor did I update the progs on the machines where I used them on. On those machines the cracks STILL work.

But on NEW installations, the OLD activation cracks will NOT work correctly and will expire suddenly after a few days.

Just check the internet and you will know what I mean.
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