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Originally Posted by Asus View Post
It was back for days, unfortunately it is currently offline
Yeah, Board4All keeps coming up online for around 6 hours or so once every 2-3 days for the past few days and then it is going offline again.

Check my post from here and here

Sadly, the Board4All admins have themselves confirmed the presence of the vulnerable VNC server, which was probably exploited.
It should be no surprise that the forum appears to be hacked so badly

@Zeokat and @Stingered I see that you have accounts at TIRA forum and have made several nice posts praising the forum before you got banned for leaking content...
Aren't these your accounts?
I am not supporting them (or anyone else for that matter) but I think it is not good to say one thing inside that forum and then pretend to hate it, on other forums...
Especially, I see that Stingered has written several posts in that forum praising the Root Admin... Now you two will probably claim that it was in the past, bla bla bla... and so on

As for me, I do have an account in that forum (among many other forums) and so far, that TIRA seems to be the only forum (apart from the now down Board4All forum) that has a decent DELPHI section and also has a decent Developer section with solid SDKs and such. Mainly because many of the contributors seem to be the same ones also at B4A...

I am also fairly certain that the TIRA forum does not belong to Te****rd since if belonged to him, it wouldn't be running so well...

I will be very happy if anyone can advise of other forums that have a decent collection of DELPHI and Developer content (that do not charge huge membership fees and such) since they are very difficult to find these days.

Again, I am not supporting TIRA or any other forum, but I am saying that once should not start bad mouthing a forum just because they banned you...

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