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Originally Posted by Max View Post
Nothing important inside, passwords already changed, but the attempts occuring as a monthly event. Dont they ever give up?
It's almost always automated. They find your email either from a dump that is posted online somewhere, or bought within a bundle of leaked information on the dark web. Then that information is used with bruteforcing tools to try and break into as many emails as possible from said lists they obtain.

Same thing happens with other online services, such as things like remote desktop access to servers, IP cameras, other site logins that could contain personal information such as banking, Paypal, Stripe, other payment sites, etc.

If you use those emails with certain sites, they will have a greater value to be broken into so depending on where it came from dump wise. If it's just every day emails they are probably not at all interested, but if you do use it with certain sites, even if it's simple stuff like a site that offers hidden VIP sections, special downloads etc. they could be interested in that.
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