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@ BoRoV

VMSweeper 1.4 beta 7

Project1.vmp.exe by ahmadmansoor

Decoding stops at 21.0% // still the same problem like always.

Environments used:
OllyDBG // clean Olly
VMSweeper 1.4 beta 7 plugin
dbghelp.dll version

So maybe you can also use this Project1.vmp.exe which was attached on this topic by ahmadmansoor.Use this and see whether you get also the same problem and if yes then try to fix it.Also it would be good if you would add some more checks in your plugin for different problems like the scan problem and then you can add some more message / error infos which the user can see then to tell you then the error problem etc. you know what I mean.So I hope that you can find a solution for this problem.

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