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Lack of 64bit debugger?. Why do you think that?. Both IDA64 debugger and Microsoft Windbg (Debugging Tools for Windows) work just fine and I would be surprised if there are not others too.

the problem with windbg is the time you need to spend coding your own extensions to improve the gui and functionality. The core is very powerful indeed. As far as i know only Cracklatinos did some research on windbg and release some plugins (in spanish).
As for Ida i completely agree with Fyyre but i am sure that in the near future hex rays will improve the debugger (they did a great job with latest builds).

i don't remember where is the thread and i don't know if it was a fully or partial protected app .
For those who might want to check (i am not on x64 yet), the unpacked larp has been done by pavka here:

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