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Originally Posted by Ember View Post
This was posted publicly back in 2012, and may/may not have anything to do with OP's post as I (obviously) cannot download attachments. Judging by OP's post history, this seems to be the full package that was leaked that contains the whole Dezender source

dezender.c is in work\php\Zend\dezender folder
Download: hxxps://
Password: sy5sgwv4ms2fpvmHt7Rvcrc2am1Eu8fOIUUkgcmzJXTE3HYhf3vDZI68dhWSTXAekBpZ06XLTZqTY4Qs1zql09wXp5SYYrCz00qA
Nope. Totally different package

Incidently that decoder is not for ionCube, but for ZendGuard
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