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Old-DOS tools

This simple tiny DOS tools made last century for a specific task
but came out as universal utilities.

They are used and now, when debugged DOS-programs.

INT.COM - DOS interrupt trapper (Resident, can calls debugger when choosed INT+ARGS occurs).
GUARD.COM - DOS memory guarder (Resident, beeps when target memory is changed).

Both used well with Insight debugger in a DOS-session of Win9x/WinXP too.


INT.COM - this is clear for what it is necessary.
For trap more intrrupts or more its arguments too - run next instance(s) of this program with а new settings.

GUARD.COM is used, for example, when it is necessary to know whether the program intercepts a certain interrupt vector.
Or for guarding usage of "Inter-Process DOS communication area" etc..
For guard more memory ranges too - run next instance(s) of this program with а new settings (as for INT.COM).

For removing this programs from memory use DOS memory manager, for example VC.COM.
Or reboot PC / Restart DOS-session.


See attached archive.
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