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Originally Posted by n00b View Post
I have an idea for ya mate - an idea that would actually make Steamless live even more upto its actual name; Steamless!
By all standards, I'd say the title of the tool itself is misleading - I mean, your tool clearly do unwrap the SteamStub, but at the same time it doesn't make any SteamStub protectee's any less reliant on Steam in the end (and emulators does not count).
How about making a few minor adjustments to the unwrapped executables so it doesn't rely on SteamAPI.dll or any equal Steam related DLL's?
Just a suggestion mate, and yes I know it won't work on all....
Removing the SteamAPI is not as simple as just removing a call and its done. Games that really integrate it for various things such as achievements, cloud storage and so on make use of a lot of calls and interfaces that makes nulling it out basically impossible. Instead, people use emulated versions of the dll's to fake the calls and such to just return null / 0 for the most part as needed to make the game think Steam is running when its not.

Given that this makes the game fully piratable, I opt to not include this in my project. I enjoy not getting sued. This is explained in the readme that people have to remove that last layer themselves if they plan to fully make the game run without Steam if it uses the SteamAPI.
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