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I'm also wanna start studying this now. I just cracked the Ioncube Encoder last week. I can send a proof via discord or dm honestly I don't know how dm works here, I think both should be friends first. But now all I can think is I wanna learn how to decode Ioncube. My first attempt is to load my DLL inside the entry to php7ts.dll xD then use the VLD source just the part where it dumps opcode array.. to dump the bytecode and reconstruct it since I only need to pass the op_array. I can just hook the zend_execute and get the op_array.. after getting a hand of it xD I notice it only works on plain PHP. well, I'm back to zero again. the reason I go with the hook path is that I don't want to compile and compile each xD PHP source since they exported some of its functions, I can just do something about it instead.

can you give something a hint on how it's done?

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