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New release:
This new build features many usability improvements and some bug fixes.

[0.9.50] - 2019-09-24


critical status added to processes state string
critical processes / threads have an own list color
trying to terminate a critical process or thread wil now display an additional confirmation mesage
ctrl+c now copys the selected rows
formating for copying panels can be set in settings
added additional mitigation informations
added additional informations to geneal process info
-- details sub tab
-- security sub tab
-- app subtab
added job id to job tab
added app infos to process general tab


resolving symbols for pool limits is only triggered once the kernel objects tab gets opened
all priority settings have now an own groupe in the process tree
no longer keeping a handle open to all threads when thay were not used recently
mitigation informtions are not more verbose


all unselected tabs are no longer unnececerly updated at startup
issue with private bytes displaying the wrong value
fixed crash bug in task menu action handling
fixed a minor issue with sid resolving
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