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New release:
This release focuses on bugfixes many many bug fixes, and some usability improvements.

[0.9.75] - 2019-09-29

priority columns now show text instead of numbers (except base priority)
added cert display to process security sub tab
ctrl+e now expands all process tree items
added driver config window
added verbose error's dialog
added more status informations


reduced cpu usage of models
reduced cpu usage of rate counters
moved firewall status resolution to separate threa
reworked thread enumeration to save cpu usage
service and socket tabs are not longer updated when thay are not visible
gpu per proces stat update is now performed on a as needed basis
massivly reduced treeview cpu usage by adaping configuration


fixed an issue when on successfuly changing priority still an error was reported
when starting using UAC bypass the process ended up with lower priority,
-- fixed by now always settign higher priority on startup
fixed bug with gpu usage column display
fixed issue "bring in front" was always disable din the process tree
fixed issue where thread start adresses were resolved multiple times unnececerly
fixed crash issue when logging out users
fixed service window not closing when ok was pressed
fixed issue with service to process association
fixed crash bug in reverse dns lookups on win 7
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