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Originally Posted by tonyweb View Post
I have a question, if you don't mind. Is there an example of multi-files search & replace patcher? I'm trying to create one but I'm failing.
There are tutorials videos on the site AT4RE
The site will return to work soon.

I chose *.* as filename but, once created and launched in a folder, it keeps telling me it can't find the file (Error: can not access the file!).
Added also a "target path" step with an hard-coded directory path but it still refuses to work. What am I missing? Any hint?
You cant use *.* for current version, leave it empty maybe work
anyway, next version 0.7.7 will fix that.
Originally Posted by user1 View Post

May I ask an anti-debug loader memory patches feature request using Scylla hide or Titan hide existing plugins?
I will try to add what you have requested in the near future.

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