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Originally Posted by Storm Shadow View Post
must be some DNS error you are getting
try the direct link to lastet snapshot

As for the new ida version nice to see they fixed most of the bugfixes.

for fun i patched the 6.8 ida.wll to work with idag.exe (6.6), since ida.wll holds the new functions.
I upgraded 6.6 exe to work with demo 6.8 and and all works like full ida thinking its a 6.8 version, so only bugfixes.

Next version would be a mayor change, since they are switching from Qt4 to Qt5, and dropping Pyside.Im looking forwars to this Leaked version
That was a very good idea. I've just done the same and it works great. In use, i haven't noticed what the bugfixes actually fix yet, but I will look through the readme.
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