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Encrypted video file

Hello, first of all, sorry if the wrong session.

I have an application that downloads a video file and lets you see this video later. (The idea is somehow similar to Netflix).
However, this video file is somehow encrypted and the standard tool like vlc can't open it.

I know this file contains at least a video because there is the MPEG header but after 1mb of "random" data unfortunately even removing this 1mb of random data is still not a valid MPEG file.
So current file struct is
[1mb chunk]
[MPEG header]

I'm not so experienced in data analysis, so I'm wondering do you have any tips, resource about "data mining"

Since there is an android application I will also give a try by decompiling the APK and see how the video player is doing. But I would like to extend my data analysis skills first rather than RE.

Thanks in advance
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