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Originally Posted by Deathway View Post
- FISH BLACK variant avaible
- Fixed deofuscation order (GenV6)
- New deofucation scheme for FISH machine
- New smart code tracer for FISH machines
- Stack sort for FISH commands
- Improved management of memory (faster deofuscation)
- Added movzx reg32, [esp+eax+memoffset] on CISC machines
- Added a message prompt when the opcode buffer is not enough
- Added LEAVE instruction for FISH machines
- Added support for CALLs to VM section in FISH machines
- CHECK_PROTECTION macro disabled, now it must be restored by hand
- Fixed QWORD incorrect names for some opcodes
- Fixed a problem when deofuscating RISC machines

Thanks people for all your reports, the plug-in becomes more powerful every day.

Now it fully supports FISH machines.
CHECK_PROTECTION macro has been disbled, it must be restored by hand, there were many troubles when handling this kind of macro.
CodeVirtualizer machines aren't supported (FISH-TIGER).
Hope you like this new update, happy reversing

Someone can re-up to a new location? All links on thread are dead. I am working on EXE with this protection - thx!
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