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Delphi Hook Library

Delphi Hook Library

Can Hook procedure/function,COM Object method...
Hook often see a friend asked how to do it and how to get COM-HOOK.
To the point of dry goods, to influence the lives of Delphi industry friends. Put before I wrote a Delphi Hook library placed on Google Code. Facilitate.
Microsoft's official hook library Detours X86 is free, X64 but to 1000 US knife oh.
Supports X86, X64 function hook. Thread safe.
Package for COM objects Hook. When Hook COM object when the method will automatically determine the Delphi or other COM object language, so intelligent processing.

In fact, just a few hundred lines of code add comments. One unit files only.
Which uses the open source BeaEngine disassembled engine to determine the size of the code, to avoid machine instructions are cut from the middle.
any one can help me about how to use this com hook for hooking an ocx functions?
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