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AT4RE Patcher v0.7.3 Beta
[+] Added two plugins for OllyDbg 1.10, 2.01:
To export patch data to be used with AP
AP>Target Patch>Offset Patch>[Right Click on List]>Load Patch Data.
[+] Added Remove Certeficate to GUI/GFX Patchers.
[+] Added Check file version to Target Check.
[+] Added Check file bits to Target Check.
[+] Added TopMost Option to AP main window.
[+] Added Close curently opened project.
[x] Fixed Check signature.
[x] Minor Bug fix in load font.
[x] Fixed Bug in attach files.
[x] Fixed Crash popup
[x] Fixed Placeholder.
[x] Fixed Bug in GFX Patcher (in LEFT,RIGHT Buttons).

MOD Chiptunes sound enhanced in GUI/GFX Patchers
GUI patcher window now is centered
Project version upgraded to version 7
Settings version upgraded to version 4

Please note that Resources folder is updated, do no use old versions.
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