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Release 0.2.3 (2021-05-09):
1319.000: Fixed the Statusbar value of the focused line for an empty ListView in certain situations
131A.001: Eliminated possible freeze after the search resumed, if the contents of the list have been changed
131B.007: Added definition of the function beginning and its description on the LoadConfig GuardEHContinuations tab for x64
131B.008: Fixed displaying the type index in the CodeView types table in OBJ files if PCH is used (regression of version 0.2.2)
140B.011: Optimized display of status information from ListView for very large lists
140B.014: Added display of additional Function (.bf, .ef) and FunctionSym symbols in the COFF symbol table of OBJ files
140C.015: Fixed erroneous display of INT value in CFG IAT table if import is performed by ordinal (regression of version 0.2.2)
140D.017: Added XFGHASHMAP parsing in LIB files
140F.022: Added collection of information about exception handlers (x64, ARM, ARM Thumb, ARM64, IA64) and COFF symbols for describing RVA in PE files
1410.025: Accelerated display of COFF symbol table in PE files, added display of some additional symbol records
1411.029: A 'Column' drop-down list in a searching dialog is disabled if only fulltext search is available (i.e. only one search option)
1413.031: Added export of GFID bitmap to file
1415.032: Fixed a bug with parsing the resource table in PE files if IMAGE_RESOURCE_DATA_ENTRY is placed at the end of the table
1416.038: Added optional display of full paths in the recent files list, long paths are limited to the file name and the initial part of the path
1416.039: Changed the format of the main window title, the name of the loaded file is displayed first now
1417.045: Eliminated redundant work with the menu when loading files and generating a list of recent files
1418.046: Added OS shell notification about file associations changing
1419.049: Added optional tooltip with description of RVA calculated in FLC (disabled by default)
141A.053: Added definition of the function beginning and its description on the LoadConfig GuardEHContinuations tab for ARM64 (InsiderPreview 21364)
141B.055: Fixed error displaying multiple values of the "Translation" key in RT_VERSION resources
141B.057: Added a column with functions description in the ExceptionsData table for all supported architectures (for x64, ARM Thumb and ARM64, some columns are now hidden by default)
1505.059: Fixed error displaying SEH Scope on the ExceptionsData page for ARM7/ARM LE in some cases
1507.060: Added a separate tab for the ARM64 unwind chain on the ExceptionsData page
1507.072: Added recognition of some types of exception handlers for all supported architectures
1507.073: Added a column with the type of exception handlers in the ExceptionsData table, the column with the handler's RVA is hidden by default
1508.074: Fixed a rare error filling information from the export table for the RVA description

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