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There is rather a new tool, very similar to JBE (JBE is obsolete as it won't "patch" all .class files reliably when select features of java 1.6 are used) it's called DirtyJOE. In my opinion, its the easiest way/tool to reverse java. DirtyJOE has an Opcode library that will let you know what that particular java opcode or "bytecode instruction" signifies...

I'm also happy to help... clarify and instruction or if you are simply looking for a way to do something...

As a decompiler, I recommend using DJ as it is very quick and simple...

the basics to reverse java are...
1.Serch for the code to be patched with DJ;
2.Use winRAR and extract the .class file containing the "magic" section of code;
3.Get cracking with dirtyJOE.

For JNLP applications, you need first to dig out the relevant .jar files... they are all in the java cache folder...

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