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They are fake sites made by the same group of people that were associated with TechLord / his private chat group a while back.

A quick rundown of what happened:
- Exetools has had its membership private for a while and had user groups that took some effort to try to get into.
- Said user groups have benefits/access rights to things like attachments.
- TechLord created a telegram group to give random newcomers access to files that he'd download from here for them without them having to do anything/put in work/effort to earn things. (He created the group because he saw Mr.Exodia had a group and wanted to be the leader of his own thing.)
- Exetools' staff caught on and asked them to shut the groups down. (Hence this post was made:
- TechLord and his groupies got mad and started causing non-stop drama on the forum for a while before finally being removed.

(This is heavily dumbed down/power phrased for the sake of not wasting time explaining every little detail.)

There were a few specific people from Tech's group that seem to have severe mental issues or just didn't get enough attention as kids from their parents and insisted on constantly making up nonsense, creating tons of alt/fake accounts to keep posting here with nonsense/drama, and so on. TechLord claims to not be associated with these people, but they all came from his group, so it tends to be seen as 'guilt by association' in this regard.

The fake exetools blog and then clones of this site were created by them to constantly keep trying to stir up drama as they were being banned every time they came back here to try to start things. They also created fake clones of the forums trying to get people to accidentally log into other versions of the site to 'steal' account information.

Drama-wise, they made up a ton of nonsense about myself and others like chants, Mr.Exodia, Zenix, Tony, and others. Which you can see on those fake sites. The blog they made for Tony was a bit more specific to one person (Tony in this case) but is not actually him and just the same group of nobodies trying to start/continue more drama.

This is pretty much why most people have lost most/all respect for TechLord and why he's banned from this site (and others).

The screenshots are all fake/fabricated to try to get various people in trouble or to try to scare/threaten people into disappearing or leaving the scene/sites. For example, there's a bunch of fake pictures of private messages they made of Mr.Exodia trying to claim he's a pedophile, they made these after they found out he got a job at Denuvo, in an attempt to get him fired. They've claimed myself and another member are terrorists and tried to dox me which to me was a great laugh. (My info is all public and freely available and they still managed to get it all wrong lol.)
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