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Question Somebody know..., Get a memory value and patch-cut

Hi , in recents days I worked in an application that have a good encypt VB code for the key, it handles a computer ID and process the key, it's hard to decode all the rutine so I searched the memory offset of the key and Lotery! I got it, always in the same offset is pushed to EDX. To register this program only need to set a bpx on the offset to get the key, the bad thing is How to make a crack that load this registry in this memory offset and show me the key without the debugger?

On the other hand, I worked with protected files by an encypter, weeks later I got the answer to unprotect it: by search, replace and cut the ended bytes of every file in an hexeditor can be done easily. Search and replace could be done with any patch maker but cut bytes (the long depend of the password, folders, ... gladly are the bytes from the replace bytes until the end of file) What patch maker can cut this X bytes?

Somebody know how to do it?
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