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Originally Posted by hors View Post
Linker/Compiler/Tool detector.

How To Install

1) Download plugin from GitHub

2) Copy the files to x64dbg folders:

nfd.dp32 -> release/x86/plugins
nfd.dp64 -> release/x64/plugins

How to use

See Screenshot

How to compile the plugin from sources:

1) Install VS2013
2) Install Qt 5.6.2 for VS2013 x86 to C:\Qt\qt-5.6.2-x86-msvc2013
3) Install Qt 5.6.2 for VS2013 x64 to C:\Qt\qt-5.6.2-x64-msvc2013
4) Clone project with all submodules: git clone --recursive
5) run build_all.bat

More info
Will this provide packer/protect info, as well?
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