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1) Maybe money involved<<<<<<I guess that those astalavista related sites could tell lots of things about this.

2) Maybe learning purposes <<<<< there's no need to spred ready made cracks only for learning purposes. That could have sense if those shareware apps had different "protections"...but that's not the real case..

3) Maybe it's a way to feel important in life, saying that you can crack this and that. <<<<<<< if you don't show's like you hadn't done it.....

4) Maybe an obsesion to annoy a big company/someone <<<<so...what's the sense in spreading cracks of programs from little companies or simple programmers working individually.

5) many others... <<<<<sure.......i guess there are so many answers as people inside exetools forums......everyone has his reason....and i guess taking it as a private individual hobby challenge is a good reason...hurting nobody.