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Originally Posted by jump View Post

I have added my computer (speed ~36.000.000) and one of my server(~45.000.000) to help you with recovering Arma ecc. I see there is not so much contributors now so each machine is counted .
May I know if I can use your solver to solve ecc for other Armadillo protected sw? "Video-Re-Do" is the sw for what I want to make working key without patching.

Currently I can only solve Short V3 Level1 and use generated key as trial key after patch the application to accept REGISTER. To be able generate valid key I need to solve Short V3 Level10.

The solver is hard coded to use the armadillo crypto params so I need to make a new version with the crypto params for the new target.
But it would take you like 1.7 years to solve with your two computers.

To calculate running time you can take 2^52 / (speed*3600*24) = ~number of days.

The algorithm used is Pollards Rho and it's based on the birthday paradox (luck)
you might solve faster or slower depends on how lucky you are.

(oh and it's 2^52 coz the frobenius and negation map is used. Without this it would be ~2^56)

As far as I can remember it's only the ECC keys that will need this much computer power to solve.
All other keys are based on DLP over a prime field (using ElGamal if I remember) and can be solved using sub exponential algo like Index Calculus.

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