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Originally Posted by SKiLLa View Post
Joined the club; the solver seems pretty effective with my 8 logical cores @ ~99% (~45M iterations/s) utilization and it's not even frying my machine

One quick question/suggestion: I'm using v1.42, which seems to be the latest/current one; but is there (or shouldn't there be) an update-notification within the solver itself, to ensure we're all on the same page ?
What do you mean by an update notification?
If or when we solve I will inform everyone using this thread that we are done and can stop the solver.
I will also inform this in the server msg you see when you get the server statistics.

Or did you think of something else?


All of the solver ecc threads is started with IDLE priority only. This is done so you should be able to use your pc while it's running.
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