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From the best - Lena151 -

lARP64Tech is active in x64 compression and protection software emphasizing on 64 bit software protection. This includes 64 bit executable compression, 64 bit dll compression, 64 bit executable protection and 64 bit dll protection. Our products are freeware except for the professional versions. The innovative lARP64 technology has resulted in the free 64 bit software compressor and the professional 64 bit software protector.

lARP64Free is a freeware compressor developed as a pure 64 bit compressor (packer). This 64 bit software compressor has no anti-cracking defenses.

lARP64Pro is the strongest 64 bit software protection. This x64 windows program protection software is ideally suited for software developers and companies who wish to secure their applications against cracking and modern reversing techniques or against any other frauduleus intentions.

Good luck!

Lena151 / eXeTools
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