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Hi dear Android

As I remember, we've discussed alot about this topic...
But Ican see that you are not familair with it yet.

Overlay files has NO structure and NO standard.
An overlay file is a simple GIF, JPG, TXT or any other file format that is phisically copied at the end of an executable file.

the main executable file opens itself (by CreateFile API NOT from memory) and finds the offset of appended file.
then reads the information inside like the original GIF, JPG, TXT or ... file format
for example a.exe opens itself and finds the header of a gif file and then shows the content on the screen

as you remember I've used the same technic in Alparysoft Lossless Codec Keygen and other newer Keygens...

When Xoex told me that this is not a safe way to hide files in the main executable...

Ba bye.
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