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You can not proof it because nobody knows which attacks appear tomorrow. Just suppose in 10 years quantum computers appear. And almost all current crypto would be trash.
Years ago DES looks uncrackable. Nowadays it is weak.
The same to RSA. Ten years ago RSA-512 was strong. Now it is weak.
Could you make the RSA less or equal to 512 bits which we can not crack? Sure, you cant. Most algos add more rounds to be stronger or increase key sizes or other params.

HE libraries are very rough. Limited in the operations to Add and Mul in most. Also, it is hard to imagine the use cases which help to protect applications. Could you describe any?
To operate in HE you need both numbers encrypted with private key. To decrypt result you need also public key. Would you store both keys in the software? Or how do you plan to make protection?
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