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New release:

This releases added many small convenience features, as well as a few major once.
It now has a DNS cache tab, and the date form the DNS cache are used to more reliably resolve the remote host mane to which a socket was opened. Instead of just using a reverse dns which in the age of CDN's, likecloud flare and blazing fast, is quite useless, the tool correlates new sockets with the system DNS cache this way resolving which host name the process actually requested.
Task explorer can now use the Wait Chain Traversal feature of windows to debug deadlocks of processes.
And as the version approaches 1.0 we have many bug fixed.

[0.9.25] - 2019-09-15

added remote host names resolution for the socket's tabs
added dns cache viever with 60 min persistence
-- the dns cache feature correlates the cached data with open sockets and provides a remote host name more reliable than reverse dns lookups
better formating when copying panels
added column reset option to all lists
added f5 full refresh options
added security explorer
all sub windows now save their geometry
addes Working Set Watch fature to count page faults
added a few more pool informations
added running object table view to kernel objects
added Wait Chain Traversal feature to detect deadlocks
added option to open thread tokens


when a new process is seen in an ETW or FW event it is now created and some masic infos are loaded
copy cell now can copy multiple cels
when enabling/disablign columns a refresh is triggered right away to fill in the data (in caseuse has set a ver slow refresh rate)
improved menu layout


fixed on copy cell did not work properly with multiple items selected
fixed on cppy panel and row copying empty(hiden) columns
fixed process tree horizontal scroll bar position reset on selection in tree
fixed NtQueryInformationFile deadlock in windows 7 when querying \Device\VolMgrControl
fixed issue where some deltas caused a overflow when the counter reset
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