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After quickly looking at ntsokrnl.exe in IDA it seems that the function that raises the exception in user mode is indeed KeRaiseUserException (which in turn redirects control flow via the trap frame to its user mode equivalent: KiRaiseUserExceptionDispatcher in ntdll, which in turn will simply call the RaiseException user mode API IIRC).

So the control flow actually works like this:
When NtClose is invoked it will actually let ObpCloseHandle do all the dirty work. This function does some checks on the handle, and the current process state and then attempts to close the given handle.
This function will then invoke KeRaiseUserException if the given handle is invalid, was passed in from user mode (and is not a process/thread handle), and the debug port in PEPROCESS of the current process is set. So by setting this flag to NULL, you should be able to silence the exception in user mode.
However, I'm not sure what other side effects this might have! Does the debugger continue to work afterwards? That would require some testing I guess ;-)
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