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more advanced features

it is beta version it could have bug, so please report and if u like to add more features let me know.
version 2.5 beta :
1- Script window is sperate.
2- Create Folder for script,form Load script with category.
3- add more mirror Functions (xorx - pushx ...), and Functions like
( if , goto,writestr ) to shortcut the work.
4- show all variables in a list with it's values.
5- edit script onfly.
6- enable to define array with range like z[n].
7- writestr Function.
8- run from anyware in the script.
9- rest variables list in case maintenance.
10- insert rows as much as you need.
11- insert from clipboard replace all script.
12- insert from clipboard inside the script.
13- copy separated lines to used in other script.
14- insert description without confusing .
15- add the dll file of c++ runtime for each package.
16- add some scripts samples.
17- as it is beta version so it support one step not auto step , use F12 for step, sorry for that
I need to check if it work then I will add auto step :}

note : I forget to say use (Scriptw) command to show the Script window , buy git has stop working
and copy the script sample to ur script folder in x64dbg folder
and pls read the help first
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