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folder ebooks, many books sorted by publisher,
just tried everything works


on-line library,though created in Russian,
has a switch to English.
Many of the books are in *.djvu format.
(see lizardtech for a reader)

Some more links (some may be repeated or not working) :
O'Reilly online |
Computer books and manuals | | |
The Network Book
Pimpas online books (Indonesia) |
Security, privacy and cryptography |
My own misc online reading material |
Computer books
| | | | |
Linux documentation
FreeBSD documentation
Sun documentation |
SGI documentation
IBM Online Redbooks
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard |
UNIX stuff | | |
Programmers reading |
Programming Pearls 2nd edition
C stuff | | | |
Perl stuff | | |
Java stuff | |
Lisp stuff
Ada stuff
Database reading
SQL stuff | |
Visual Basic stuff
Handbook of Applied Cryptography
X Window System | |
GTK and Gnome stuff
QT and KDE stuff | |
Corba stuff
TCP/IP info
Misc programmers reading |
Some useful tech articles |
Digital processing
The Hardware Book
Network iQ Router Reference Manual
Cisco Product Documentation
Novell developers appnotes
Icons for your desktop
Bigtext - illustrated books and manuals for DOS
Breeze - a complete text system for Windows

P.S. Thanks to Gluck for discovering them.

finally from my home country :


file exchange service, mostly electronics, but has few
books on programming and OS.
Need to register though

[EDIT JMI: ONEIL you really didn't think you were going to get 4 posts in a row by posting links to ebooks you copied from somewhere else did you? Sorry, it doesn't work that way.]
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