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Probably the UDP packet sending is to inform the company that software is running on a specific machine, in a specific IP (and IP can easily tell you the originator's country).

UDP in serious delphi applications can be sent using ICS or INDY. Your apps looks like using INDY. Can you see on resources if it has a list of the following strings:

65216,Connection Closed Gracefully.
65217,Could not bind socket. Address and port are already in use.
65218,Invalid Port Range (%d - %d)
65219,%s is not a valid service.
65220,IPv6 unavailable
65221,The requested IPVersion / Address family is not supported.
65222,Not all bytes sent.
65223,Package Size Too Big.
65224,Set Size Exceeded.
65225,Not enough bytes read from stream.
65226,End of stream: Class %s at %d
65227,UDP is not support in this SOCKS version.
65228,Request rejected or failed.
65229,Request rejected because SOCKS server cannot connect.
65230,Request rejected because the client program and identd report different user-ids.
65231,Unknown socks error.
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