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HI all
allow me my friends to interrupt this conversation which will not be acceptable for our community,and which will guide us to lose a professionals guys for just misunderstanding.
but here I have a small reproach on our friend TechLord , my friend even could be that mr.exodia has been mistake in some points (and he Apologize in some steps) , but using Threatening language "is someone who not only cracks commercial apps and earns money but also PAYS "relevant" taxes on the ILEGAL money so earned." is not a good way from a professional guy like you TechLord.
here we are a friends we are support each other, so no need to go in wrong path.
I hope nobody understand from what I write that I Biased to someone.
from me I like both and support them too,and we don't want to lose each of them.
so I hope from both to accept my decision to close and remove this Post, and i hope from them to forget it and begin again as this not happen.
Ur Best Friend Ahmadmansoor
Always My Best Friend: Aaron & JMI & ZeNiX
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