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Thanks to all for their responses and idea's.

Can you see on resources if it has a list of the following strings...

... and...

the IP address you specified is assigned to network multicasting.
As I mentioned, there was nothing in the main executable resources, or text strings. So dead end there.

The reserved IP range kind of made me think a bit harder about the issue.

It appears from the other DLL's that the program uses a DB access mechanism written by "Extended Systems, Inc".

I'm beginning to think that the communication may be to see if a database is not on the localhost and instead resides on another machine on the LAN.
As the components clearly have Client & Server resources.

The distributor stopped in yesterday and I mentioned it to him, he knows the in house programmer that wrote the app but said he knew nothing of outbound communications.
I think perhaps they included components from Extended Systems, and since they don't know about it, they may have a control/component configured incorrectly or it is just by design.

I packed up the main executable and all the dll's that were in the
directory. It will give on error on startup since the database files
are missing, but it is enough that after the error, the outgoing
communication occurs.


Now my only question out of curiousity would be, I only saw ACE32.dll as an import, and it did not import anything, so if the communciations routines are called, say, from axcws32.dll, how could they have been called? LoadLibrary?

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