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Originally Posted by bolo2002 View Post
I've tested many tools who wipe data onto hd's,filling 0 or random data but even with at single wipe i've never met any tools who recovered them and trust me I've used many ones,what you suggest to test a deeper recovery able to recover a full 0 fill onto a hd?
And you're right... no such software tool exists, once overwritten that bit is gone, no matter what value was written(0 or 1) there's no way to determine the previous one. Sure, if it makes one feel better, he can fill multiple times, usign whatever patterns... but same result as a simple fill with 0x00 or 0xff, security wise I see no improvement.
This thing of someone being able to recover previous data from a classic hard disk that was overwritten in whatever form is just a sort of a myth, nothing to back it up, especially these days, when the density is at the level it is, I can only imagine the sort of hardware they should have in order to measure the residuals, if any and even then, what is noise and what is something? This story (recover overwritten data through hardware means, microscopes and stuff) started many years ago, when Peter Gutmann claimed, just theoretically, that this could be possible, decades after some still hang on that, though no evidence that this was ever done, before or even to this day.
Some even claim that they can recover through software tools/means the overwritten data... with basic knowledge of how the data is stored in a hard disk you know already what to think of that.
A nice lecture on this topic...
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