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Originally Posted by bolo2002 View Post
I've tested many tools who wipe data onto hd's,filling 0 or random data but even with at single wipe i've never met any tools who recovered them and trust me I've used many ones,what you suggest to test a deeper recovery able to recover a full 0 fill onto a hd?
For any real progress you'd need hardware based tools. These are available generally only to state level actors. They make use of residual magnetic hysteresis and other phenomena for recovery of the data bits.

Originally Posted by Gladiyator View Post
I suggest to test these ones

1.Active File Recovery
2.Recuva Professional
3.GetDataBack Pro Data Recovery
Software-based tools rarely work and and even when they do work it is only for data that has been deleted very, very recently, where nothing has overwritten the original bits.
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