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# virtual methods
.method public onClick(Landroid/content/DialogInterface;I)V
.locals 1

.line 1
iget-object p1, p0, Lcom/bakopoulos/common/StartActivity$h;->c:Landroid/widget/EditText;

invoke-virtual {p1}, Landroid/widget/EditText;->getText()Landroid/text/Editable;

move-result-object p1

invoke-virtual {p1}, Ljava/lang/Object;->toString()Ljava/lang/String;

move-result-object p1

.line 2
sget-object p2, Lcom/bakopoulos/common/m;->c:Ljava/lang/String;

move-object p1, p2

invoke-virtual {p1, p2}, Ljava/lang/String;->compareTo(Ljava/lang/StringI

Please tell me how it can be saved or showed up on screen of my android phone value of p1 after line code
move-object p1, p2
??? this is smali code Thanks anyway!
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