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I did some tests on step 2 with different values for the VolumInfoA
2. AK2 = the Hex2SignedDec(VolumeInfoA("C:\")) from Res2
and found out that if the value of the VolumeSerialNumber is positive i.e. below 0x80000000 then the converted value has a space(0x20) instead of "+" before it.

Final thing to note is that the RegCode should always be generated on the target computer. Then the 3 checks the program does are all related to the result from Step2

First it gets the Hex2SignedDec(VoluemInfoA("C:\")=>VolumeSerialNum then decrypts the RegCode and the ActivKey and final does the following comparisons:

Is VolumeSerialNum=Res2 from decrypted RegCode?
Is VolumeSerialNum=AK2 from the decrypted ActivKey?
Is Res2=AK2?
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