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x32dbg and debugging special question

Well I'm coming from ollydbg and I'm learning this debugger...

My actual target is a filemanager, don't want to say which, protected by a soft called eleckey, made from a company called sciensoft

I'm testing to find out, how to generate a key from ID and an activation from key and I'm not a professionell who studied IT

My problem at least is the systemcall "sysenter" with eax==E5
After this call the change from goodboy to badboy has been done...
Can't debug furthermore to see how and where the calculation has gone

eax==E5 means NtQueryInformationAtom and I don't know how to get on
Can't break, can't see what is happening, it's just frustrating!!!

May be someone, may be mr.exodia himself, can give me a hint to go on?
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