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I have only two things to say regarding this :

Someone who posts the ENTIRE and PRIVATE conversation database without permission of the other party on a PUBLIC THREAD is just not fit to be a moderator at all.

I am sure that anyone who values their privacy at all will agree with me.

Secondly, the PROPER way for mrexodia to deal with this would have been to POLITELY ask in a single sentence whether I'd used the code in the tool from somewhere else.

Then I would have answered in a polite manner.

There was NO NEED to spend hours digging in my github repo containing over a thousand repos [EDIT : Let me correct that - its actually 1800 Repos when I just checked).
Then devirtualize the tool.
Then even make a ZIPPYSHARE ARCHIVE (LOL) as if I was someone who would delete the repos in a hurry and then make a post as if he had caught a great wrongdoing.

Nobody in their right mind would use PayPal for anything other than paying securely with their credit card. But feel free to report whatever nonsense you like.
Then maybe you are not in your right mind
You DO receive a lot of your funds through paypal and many a time they kept it on hold for ages.
Same for your CrowdFunding monies

Yes, I will keep my word since you said you gave me "full permission".

My job should be damn easy since you PUBLICLY wrote here that you got PAID for cracking commercial apps and also paid "relevant" taxes on that money

I am STUNNED that a MODERATOR of this forum can STOOP to this level.
As I said above, the PROPER way for him would have been to ask in a SINGLE sentence. And I would have answered politely.
Please do not say fighting against "each other".
It was the MODERATOR who decided to start a fight with that accusatory and arrogant post of his.
Also, I am sorry but I share all my stuff here for FREE. There ARE some people who do share stuff for FREE. I am one of them.

All in all, mrexodia's initial post clearly reeks of JEALOUSY towards me. Otherwise there wouldbe NO need for such accusatory remarks.

A note regarding my use of red fonts.
When readers (esp on mobiles) encounter a wall of text, they just skim over. The RED TEXT is only to draw their eyes to the most important facts.

No smoke screen or whatever.

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