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Originally Posted by T-rad View Post
... also check 3 is redundant. is only checking if the VolumeSerialNum from RES2 is the same VolumeSerialNum from AK2. If check 1 & 2 pass, 3 has no choice but to pass
I agree with you. Maybe the programmer/vendor is paranoid.

Originally Posted by T-rad View Post
Actually the RegCode is useless for generating a working key....
Not for the programmer/vendor, then he will need the RegCode in order to extract from it the RandomBytes and the VolumeSerialNum to generate the corresponding correct key for the registrant.

A Keygen can for instance have the option for the user to enter a Regcode (Registation code) from a different machine and generate the corresponding ActivKey (Activation Key).
Also just for a gemmick, it could include options to decode the RegCode and ActiveKey to compare the RandomBytes and the VolumeSerialNum.
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