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Not for the programmer/vendor, then he will need the RegCode in order to extract from it the RandomBytes and the VolumeSerialNum to generate the corresponding correct key for the registrant.
not exactly, the vendor just requires the VolumeSerialNumber, the rest is just for show.
Any random bytes will work so they do not need to be extracted as the program decrypts the decoded bytes using the first 16 bytes as the key.

var_2C = Proc_23_0_565AB7(Mid(var_3C, 17, Len(var_3C)), Mid(var_3C, 1, 16), 0)
= RC4(data, key)

for example... using 0123456789ABCDEFFEDCBA9876543210 as the random bytes / key and using *-91511383# from the first post, this key should work for that computer

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