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Originally Posted by metr0 View Post
As lARP is a commercial protection system (I can only assume you're referring to lARP64), probably not. Thought she might have done so for x86 lARP, that's up to her to answer.

Where's the problem with C code anyway? It should be pretty easy to convert it to Delphi/Pascal. Hde64 is written in C as well, if you'd like to have a look (which is worth the risk, I guess ).
Not for commercial use does not mean that is can't be used for commercial products, it probably just requires additional fees for author (licensing).

Rewrite C to Pascal, oh, nice idea, but I do not want to spend my time to develop a bicycle, when it is already developed...

Originally Posted by lena151 View Post
Slightly off-topic but the debugger itself has become pretty neat too since the last updates
Just interesting to know, about what debugger you are talking?
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