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Originally Posted by DARKER View Post
Android 10 completely blocks call rcording. Even on loud speaker!
Unfortunately Google seems to have decided completely blocking call recording. No sound what son ever can be recorded on Android 10 during call. It simply doesn't send any audio data. Even if you put your phone on loud speaker. So beware of loosing this functionality by updating to version 10.
Shouldn't this be treated as illegal? I believe that it is an owner's right to record the calls, to protect himself from a series of crimes going from sexual offences, to menaces, lawsuits and again.

Recently, a call recording saved my guts because I was able to prove that a person responsible for some tasks in the company lied about not authorising me taking some stuff when he did that and the call was the only way to disgrace him.

I suppose we should all do some sort of petition to force Google re-examine this matter.
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